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Together we will

White Field Capital is a U.S. based private equity firm focused on investing and partnering with growing businesses. Working hand in hand with entrepreneurs and management teams, we bring the key pieces to achieve the next level of growth for established businesses.

We make investments of $1-5m into entrepreneur-run, growing companies who have a clear vision for growth within their industry.

Opened offices in Charlotte

The opening of a third fund corresponded with the establishment of an additional office location in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Relocated to Puerto Rico

Upon the formation and onset of our second fund, White Field Capital relocated its headquarters to Puerto Rico, under Act 20, the second fund was raised and deployed, focusing on leveraged buy-outs within product and aviation businesses.

White Field Capital Established

White Field Capital was founded in 2010 by Mark Sawyer and Brandon Smith in Boise, Idaho, focusing primarily on early stage small businesses. The initial fund has since seen a full exit of the 2010 vintage fund with net ROIC of 2.69x and net IRR of 26.4%.

We Focus on

As active investors, we inject capital, create connections, and fill organizational gaps in the following management areas:

Financial Services

As most business owners know, a businesses’ finances are often one of the most important metrics to monitor and control to ensure the success of a business. Unfortunately, however, most business owners do not have the training, time, or experience to properly plan and manage the financial aspects of their business. We can help. Our team has an extensive financial background to offer support with financial forecasting, budget creation, valuations, accounting, and book keeping. We work with management to create systems, budgets, models, and financial discipline techniques to help a business thrive!

Project Management

Project management is more than just getting the job done. True project management requires clear, definable objectives to be set, a thorough timeline created, strict adherence to a budget, quality control checks, and consistent follow up. Managing multiple projects is something that many businesses struggle with. By implementing and enforcing the use of a few simple tools and practices, we can help add project management discipline to a business. The results often lead to increased employee and client satisfaction, improved budget awareness, and overall improvement in efficiency.

Strategic Planning

You have to know where you want to be before you can get there, so creating a detailed plan of attack only makes sense to do from beginning. We implement the plan that shows where improvements need to be made for the future. We work with management and industry experts to identify opportunities, goals, and potential obstacles for their business for a defined period of time. This plan incorporates detailed financial plans, marketing strategies and analysis, operational implementations, and more. A clear plan makes sure everyone is marching to the same beat!

Talent Management

A plan is only as good as it’s execution, which is why it’s important to find, manage, and retain the right talent for the job. It’s not always easy to know who to hire, when, and how much to compensate them. It’s even harder to consistently train, coach, and offer feedback to your staff in a meaningful way. We use a few basic principles and techniques to help find the best person, or team, for a position. Playing to your staff’s strengths and giving them clear guidance will lead to a happier office, greater productivity, and increased creative thinking. We have a passion for coaching and leading others!

Mergers & Buyouts

Sometimes the best way to grow is to simply buy out your buddy or combine forces with them. Doing so can be a very powerful option in some cases, but can also be a gaping pitfall if not executed properly. The process is not easy and often can be intimidating to an entrepreneur with little prior experience in this area. We can help get the conversation started, negotiate terms, conduct in depth diligence, and manage the transaction to help ensure a successful acquisition.

Digital Marketing

White Field Capital can add meaningful value through marketing for just about any business, regardless of whether they are a product or service provider, online-based or working out of brick and mortar location. Pay per click, search engine optimization, video marketing, website design, graphic design, and conversion tuning can all help a business increase leads, conversions, and brand recognition. Each business we work with receives an in-depth marketing analysis as one of our first steps.

What Does White Field Capital Stand For?

We are not financial engineers at White Field.  We focus on growth, and our playbook is more concerned with helping you scale your business and nurture it from a good growth asset to a true industry leader.  

When we started the firm, we felt the need to base it on something beyond strictly profits.  We have never thought about an investment as a spot transaction; it’s a long-term commitment as well as a long-term relationship. We learned the values of listening and how to advocate for change in a respectful way.  Mostly, we learned how important relationships are in good times; however, we also learned the importance of relationships in challenging times.  Therefore, we have a relationship-based approach to investing at White Field which is built on a combination of collaboration and transparency.  

Our culture really advocates the three H’s: hustle, humility, and honesty.  We have always been committed to building a firm and a culture that is very durable.  Our industry is not known for humility, yet it is a bedrock of our company’s culture. We are competitive but not cut-throat. There is a difference, and entrepreneurs know the difference.  We value growth, which is itself an exciting concept. It is something more than simply optimizing the capital structure or squeezing the last dollar out of profitability. We are in a rapidly changing business just like our portfolio companies, and we embrace the same innovation that we invest in.  We are constantly asking ourselves, “how can we do all the little things better?”Our best references for why White Field should be your partner of choice are our current and past founders and CEOs.  They can speak to what makes us unique in terms of our approach, our culture, and what we are like to work with.  For the founders of these businesses, their company is their life’s work, just as White Field has really been our life’s work.  It is a big decision for them, and we are honored to join them in making this decision. 

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